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I feel the pain like real personal pain, like when you’ve had a fight with your partner and it breaks your heart and agitates you at the same time. You carry around a shadow, always wanting to know more, to get some further development, and yet wanting it to be over, however it ends, because

Clearing the fog

Dark times are not the worst times. They are the waiting times. Of course we all want clarity. We want certainty. We like vision and clear purpose. We prefer action…but sometimes we don’t know how to go forward. There is some invisible force it seems that is holding us back. When we meet a challenge

Feeling grateful

The world of healing

If you’re new to healing it can seem like a mysterious process. Indeed it works at levels on energy we are not usually conscious of. You may ask yourself what its effect will be and since each individual is different, no one can say for sure how it will affect you. But the effect is

Breathe yourself better this summer!

I’ve been trying to hibernate but life keeps getting in the way

I’m in writing mode again. This would be fine. It’s what I do after all. I’m a healer AND a writer. The problem is that once I begin I don’t want to stop – like being interrupted in the middle of a really good movie, it is unsettling. I use stories to spell things out

New Year resolutions? Well it’s no picnic..

Isn’t it funny how just when it seems you have everything in place, all your goals lined up, all the moves you need to achieve them worked out, all jazzed up and ready to give yourself the discipline you need to stick to the plan… wham! something completely out of the blue puts the whole

Your body as your temple

What do you do when you visit a cathedral, an old church, a temple or a mosque? Do you look carefully at the labour and care that has been lavished on its stones, its contours and decoration? Do you whisper quietly as you enter its doors and listen to the powerful atmosphere that resonates within?

RIP David Bowie. You worked. You blitzed, and you blazed

Your life lit us up and your death too. This morning I asked my husband what he would do if he thought he only had 5 years left to live. He said ‘Stay in bed. It would seem longer that way.’ Ha. Each to their own. Your life is yours to spend as you wish.

Message to begin 2016

My first glimpse of 2016 was the red sun rising over my back garden. Alright it’s true that the clouds have come over and it has rained ever since, but this sunrise is a symbol for me of our new beginning. I love the energy that comes with the new year. Over Christmas most of us are reminded of the baggage that