The world of healing

The world of healing

If you’re new to healing it can seem like a mysterious process. Indeed it works at levels on energy we are not usually conscious of. You may ask yourself what its effect will be and since each individual is different, no one can say for sure how it will affect you. But the effect is always beneficial and reflects what you need in your life at that moment. To help you understand how it works, here are some responses from people who have experienced healing with me:
These responses to healing from some of Anna’s clients help to understand what this mysterious process is like.
This is a woman in her seventies who came with a constriction in her throat that she had been unable to shake off for a couple of years. Of course she had seen all kinds of doctors and specialists but my understanding is that the origin of her throat problem was buried deep in her mental energy and this is where we needed to go to release it. She had one session of healing and this is her response.
Dear Anna, Thank you so much that was an amazing experience unlike anything I have ever known. I feel like a different being and my throat is a thing of the past. You are truly amazing and i feel so privileged to have met you. I am reading and enjoying your book too it is all miraculous and wonderful and also inspirational. What more can I say? ! You lifted a huge weight off me and made me feel positive again, I am truly, truly grateful. I hope we can meet again one day as you are such a fund of interesting knowledge.
How should others respond when you need to heal your body? What relationship can you have with family members and other loved ones? The difficulty with healing is that it is a highly personal and, if you like, selfish process. You can do so much for yourself, but it is difficult for another person to participate or even help, beyond giving you guidance, as in a healer, or allowing you the space to do it, as in a loved one or partner. It’s very difficult for anyone to take this journey with you, however close you are. So you need to take time for yourself when you need to heal. This woman had breast cancer when she came to see me, and this is closely related to one’s experience and expectations of love. Inevitably, one’s closest relationships come under scrutiny. This was her response to healing:
Dear Anna, Some of the observations you came up with last week have been so spot on and helpful in leading me to understand how my disease has come about and how I can move forwards in a better state of balance.
My understanding is that healing is a collaboration between the healer and the person who wishes to be healed. Sometimes this produces results that are really surprising. I was called to one home after a man in his forties developed a brain tumour suddenly. He underwent two operations to remove the tumour, but he was told that the growth was grade 4 cancer cells, the most aggressive kind, and the surgeons had been unable to remove the cancerous tissue, so there was no more that they could do for him. I met him after these operations and gave him healing as I had been asked to do. After the healing he felt better and immediately began to walk better, but I was delighted and, quite honestly, a bit astonished, to hear from him a year later, when he told me that his latest scan showed that he had no more cancer in his brain. These results are what we all wish for, but they do not always happen. We have far more power than we generally think we do, and a healer’s job is to help you to find the way to your own power, but, ultimately control over our birth and death is beyond our conscious minds.
The healing tools I use and have developed over my years of working with people do have an astonishing range and depth. They extend beyond the limits of geographical and physical space, so that they work across thousands of miles with people I have never met. This was the response I had from a young woman who had developed eating difficulties, who I have worked with on several occasions, but I have never met her:
Dear Anna, Listening to our session everything you saw and told me it is so true and gradually makes more and more sense.
Much of my work as a healer involves helping people to open their hearts and minds to the power of the lives they have been given. Of course most of us do not begin to do this until pain forces us to change the direction in which we’ve been travelling. Yet people can readily adapt when this path is explained to them and the power of healing energy helps them to do so. This man was battling a brain tumour and regular seizures when he came to me, as I once did, but he found that he was able to use this approach for himself when it mattered most:
Dear Anna, The last scan that I had to check whether the tumour was changing was fine, so despite our fears our belief in a positive outcome I’m sure contributed to this and they don’t want to see me now until August…..
When I give healing it is not my energy that I am giving, but simply the energy that envelops us all passing through my consciousness. It is a profound privilege to work with every one of those who has come to me for healing over the past decade. Each one has taught me and expanded my understanding of what it means to be a human being on this planet. What I can give is only a reflection of what has been given to me. Like a mirror, I smile back at you. This last comment is from a man who was suffering from prostate cancer.
Dear Anna, The healing was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I didn’t imagine that it would release blocked emotions and energies in such a way. It was truly astonishing how you were able to reveal aspects of myself that even close members of my family would not be aware of. After the healing I felt a tremendous sense of peace and connection to others and the wider world. Strangely, I feel lighter and taller. I will always be grateful to you. I know that I have to stop fighting myself. In that sense I am all ready cured.

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  • Suesstrunk Annelise
  • November 5, 2017 at 1:21 pm

Dear Anna
After reading your book and those of M. Brofman I would be very interested to receive a healing from you. Since I live in Switzerland it would have to be a distance healing. My daughter Meret Kaufmann however is staying in London at the moment. She will be attending your workshop on Nov. 11th and would be able to take care of the costs directly, if this is convenient for you.

Many thanks for your reply and best regards
Annelise Süsstrunk

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