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I feel the pain like real personal pain, like when you’ve had a fight with your partner and it breaks your heart and agitates you at the same time. You carry around a shadow, always wanting to know more, to get some further development, and yet wanting it to be over, however it ends, because

Clearing the fog

Dark times are not the worst times. They are the waiting times. Of course we all want clarity. We want certainty. We like vision and clear purpose. We prefer action…but sometimes we don’t know how to go forward. There is some invisible force it seems that is holding us back. When we meet a challenge

New Year resolutions? Well it’s no picnic..

Isn’t it funny how just when it seems you have everything in place, all your goals lined up, all the moves you need to achieve them worked out, all jazzed up and ready to give yourself the discipline you need to stick to the plan… wham! something completely out of the blue puts the whole

Can you make unhappy work for you?

Why is unhappiness a good thing? You’ll have heard it from countless people if you’re listening: this illness was the best thing that ever happened to me; this tragedy opened my eyes; this disaster taught me how to enjoy my life. It happened to me so I know it’s true, but that doesn’t mean I

I don’t want to live in a world without elephants or turtles.

The best places in our world are places where people are poor. Ok there’s nothing wonderful about poverty, except the fact that you are forced to work with the richness of nature which feeds you in the way no amount of money ever can. Those of us who have enough money to survive have the

Lets teach our kids what powerful creators they are.

  ‘Why do we need to know this?’ It’s the perennial moan you hear from kids at school who can’t see the relevance to their own lives of some subject they are learning at school. Adults always tell them that one day they will need to calculate how much paint they need to decorate a room

It feels more like a TOY SHOP. So why do we call them WORKSHOPS?

Isn’t it true that you learn more when you’re having fun? Trying too hard gets in the way. It’s the shock discoveries that suddenly pop into your mind when you’re letting go, defences down, unprepared to defend yourself with your conviction of what reality is. So Transformation Toyshops would be a better word for getting