Message to begin 2016

Message to begin 2016

My first glimpse of 2016 was the red sun rising over my back garden. Alright it’s true that the clouds have come over and it has rained ever since, but this sunrise is a symbol for me of our new beginning.

I love the energy that comes with the new year. Over Christmas most of us are reminded of the baggage that we carry, whether that’s with our close family, our possessions or our selves: our minds and our bodies. A week after Christmas the new year arrives, and by this time we are ready to shed the loads we have accumulated and put new effort into our search for happiness.

What is happiness? It takes a different form for each of us and that is the beauty of our creativity, but searching for it is the life’s work of each and every one of us. Happiness brings with it peace, creativity, love and beauty as well as health and strength, so that we all want to see each other happy, because we all admire human beings who are like this.

I believe that for me happiness in 2016 takes the form of writing more, exploring more, as well as healing and teaching as I have been doing. I feel blessed that I love what I do, and loving what I do means that it brings me the renewing energy of endless discovery. The only baggage I want to carry is the love of my family, and that package seldom feels like a burden.

So to wish you a bright sunrise on your year of discovery in 2016 I pass on to you the best advice I have heard this year. It comes from Paramahansa Yogananda, the yogi who brought so much love to his teaching in the USA. He said:

“Drink vitality and receive mental nourishment from materially and spiritually progressive minds. Feast unstintingly on the creative thinking within yourself and others. Take long mental walks on the path of self-confidence. Exercise with the instruments of judgement, introspection and initiative.”

To help you with some of those things I have posted the new courses I will be running in 2016 on my Events page, and over the next few weeks I will be adding more guided meditations to the meditations page, so you can rid yourself of excess baggage. I wish you joy in 2016 and may we continue to use our success and happiness to make our world even better.