Lomi Lomi..The form of massage known as Lomi Lomi comes from Hawaii. It’s a state of mind, a way of being. It means to be aware of and to flow with the natural energy around you, in your body and your mind. It means harmony. It means feeling good. It means love.

This treatment puts you in harmony with your surroundings through one end of the chain that makes up your being: your physical body. It is gentle. It requires no conscious thought from you, no beliefs. It requires only that you be open to receive, and allow yourself to breathe.

I love this treatment for the physical energy it generates, and the relief from pain.  It has the capacity to unlock the tensions you have imposed on your body. I learned it in Hawaii under the guidance of Harry Uhane Jim after many years of practising massage and healing. Lomi lomi allows the unity of the two, letting your body speak its language to the therapist.

The interaction between client and therapist in Lomi lomi activates the brain at its most powerful subconscious level. Physical and emotional pain from daily stresses is gently eased away, leaving space for positive feelings which are fundamental to the Hawaiian huna philosophy to emerge…

It’s not an overnight revolution, more a gentle transformation that comes about from feeling good about yourself and what you’re doing. And this, Lomi lomi will  deliver.

  • Workshop participants

    Wonderful workshop!
    Thank you for a very deep set of transformational workshops. They've opened my eyes about several issues and helped me back onto the right path.
  • Woman, 30

    'Once again, thank you so much, I think you are a wonderful healer and very professional practitioner.'
  • Woman, 43

    'Thank you so much for the wonderful healing work that you have done with me. It was truly wonderful. There has been much change and shifting of my energy and thinking. I am feeling much better.'
  • Woman, 52

    'I feel like myself, and everyone says I look like myself again. I've not been right for the last 18 months since my mother died, so it is a real joy to feel energetic and positive again.'
  • Woman, 35

    'It was one of the most profound experiences I've ever had... The healing was scarily accurate and insightful. Two days later I had the biggest verbal breakthrough of my life.'
  • Lomilomi and healing, woman, 29

    I feel a lot better about everything now, and much calmer.
  • Woman, 83

    'It's heaven, like being washed in a warm sea!'    
  • Client who had been suffering from M.E.

    Thank you so much for everything you have done for me this year. I have no doubt that you have made a very substantial contribution to restoring my health, and will always be in your debt for it. I am so grateful.
  • Sports Club manager, 45

    Thanks for the session last week ,I felt truly revitalized ,the conversation following was very interesting and it got me thinking and analyzing a few areas of my life.I appreciate your energy and input and will certainly get to see you again in the near future.


The therapist works along the length of the body, using forearms and body weight in a hypnotic rhythm which effectively lulls participants into deep relaxation. This unique experience leaves you feeling totally refreshed as your body unconsciously releases physical and emotional tensions.

Treatments can be any length, but most of the treatments I give are 75 or 90 minutes long.

Beneficial oils

Warm pure almond oil is used during lomi lomi treatment while hair and make-up is carefully protected. Almond oil penetrates the skin with a deeply softening beneficial effect, unlike many massage oils which are mineral-based and leave a greasy film on the surface of the skin, clogging up the pores.

Sometimes I use my home made macerated herb oils to deliver the extra benefit of plant properties in your treatment.

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Is lomi lomi right for you?

Lomi lomi massage brings benefit to all regardless of age, sex or physical fitness.

As a gentle treatment it is perfect for

  • Older people who may have chronic stiffness that will yield only gradually to massage treatment.
  • People suffering from fatigue or exhaustion, or conditions arising from stress such as anxiety, sleep and digestive disorders, high blood pressure, or breathing and hormone irregularities.
  • Children, whose anxiety emerges as stomach complaints or anger. Children respond very quickly to the enjoyable rhythmic movements of lomi lomi.
  • Acute pain arising from muscle tension such as frozen shoulder, whiplash, painful knees or lower back pain. Lomi lomi will gently ease your muscles back into balance.

Lomi lomi has always been an essential part of the healing tradition of Hawaii, together with spiritual healing and the use of plants.


Your experience of massage should be as individual as the therapist who gives it. I trained as a massage therapist in 1998 with renowned British therapist Clare Maxwell Hudson. I have also qualified in traditional Thai foot massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but since I first came across Hawaiian massage and healing I have specialized in Lomi lomi.


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