Finding love in the dark: winter solstice 2015

Finding love in the dark: winter solstice 2015

If you are in the northern hemisphere you’re approaching the darkest day of the year. It is tedious this time of dark, and naturally we long for the sun. But it is a time of beauty and power, and time to look within where we can find a light inside ourselves that we can set to glow constantly like a candle in the dark.
Why does it matter, this time of dark? What can we get from the dark feelings we experience? We honour them as we honour the light. They are the yin, the intimate companion of the light which is yang.
The almighty and unchanging source of power which you may call the Divine, or God, is immobile, made active through contact with its opposite.
Therefore the negative, female principle, the yin, paradoxically enables the positive principle, the yang, to take form.
LOVE IS GOD’S ACTIVE PRINCIPLE: the union or inevitable energetic connection between the dark and the light.
Love is the female principle at the point where it meets its opposite. Where yin meets yang.
So the almighty, the generative, the light, the power is enabled and formed by the void, the negative, the darkness, antimatter.
As we are formed from the negative, the death leaning darkness, love is the highest point of our being.
In love we are the closest we can be to the source of power, to the understanding that exists at a level above death.
Therefore to find God, go through Love.

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