The Wisdom of your Body

The Wisdom of your Body

The remarkable truth is that your body has a language and it is communicating with you all the time. Most of us   have learned not to listen to our body’s innate intelligence, considering other parts of our intelligence more ‘important.’

But this innate intelligence, the so called autonomic functioning of you as a living being, is responsible for 95% of the way you operate: the way you walk, talk, digest your food, sleep, reproduce. It is the operation of your body as a living organism that we take entirely for granted while we get on with our lives.

This language may appear over simple but it actually addresses the most profound issues of your life. The accuracy of your body in pinpointing  tensions that arise from the way you live your life is eerily sharp. A skilled healer will help reflect those tensions back to you and set you on the path of resolving the situation. But here, in a nutshell, are some of the messages your body may have for you:

My Transformation Workshops are designed to help you work through these tensions at different levels of your energy. In a nutshell here are some of the ways your body expresses deeper feelings

  • Problems with your back, your feet, your legs or teeth relate to your sense of security. Consider how comfortable you are with the work you do, your financial situation, your life at home or your relationship with your mother. Problems you have had in these parts of your body point to tension is one or more of these areas that needs to be resolved.
  • Some back pains relate more to the lumbar region and indicate tension about sexuality or nourishment. You may have issues with your reproductive organs which indicate the same thing, or a tendency to over indulge or be over restrictive when it comes to food or sex. These tensions point to difficulty in expressing your deepest feelings or being uncomfortable with them.
  • Problems with your digestion where that relates to your stomach, liver or duodenum suggest tension about your sense of power or freedom to be yourself. Skin and eye problems indicate that you have been overly concerned about other people’s perception of you.
  • Breathing difficulties, problems with your lungs, and tensions in your heart or blood pressure indicate a difficult situation with someone very close to you. You may find it uncomfortable to easily give or receive love.  Are you feeling lonely, or have you had a tendency to keep people at bay?
  • Pains and problems around your neck or shoulders, trouble with your ears or your arms and fingers suggest you have not been expressing your true self in what you do or say. You may have been giving yourself reasons not to set goals for what you really want, or not allowing yourself to have what makes you happy. Are you listening to your own interests?
  • Problems with your nervous system suggest a sense of disconnection from your father and a consequent feeling of isolation. You are likely to have a difficult relationship with authority, feeling unrecognized and unimportant. Frequent headaches or migraine indicate a deep dissatisfaction about the way you are living your life. You sense you are not spending your life doing what you were born to do.