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A healer reveals powerful invisible ‘tools’ to expand your horizons and overcome personal challenges

“Anna Parkinson’s book, Beyond Sex & Soup is a guidebook, a handbook and a book of wisdom.  Rooted in personal experience and true stories this book elucidates the ways of self-fulfilment and self-realisation. Readers will discover the place of beauty, integrity, mutuality and spirituality in everyday life in this outstanding and inspiring book. I thoroughly recommend it to all who are seeking healing and wholeness in their lives.”

Satish Kumar, Editor Emeritus, Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine

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‘Change Your Mind, Heal your Body’ by Anna Parkinson

Anna Parkinson, a busy BBC producer, has been diagnosed with a brain tumour which has proved inoperable. In an attempt to find a cure and after a series of disappointments with conventional medicine she has begun to explore the power of healing.  Each experience opens her eyes to a new way of looking at her body and awakens her curiosity about how healing works. Read the story of how she meets a healer who convinces her that her body expresses the language of her deepest feelings, and ultimately heals the tumour.

Anna’s biography of her 17th Century ancestor, herbalist John Parkinson, who dedicated his life to growing and understanding plants. John Parkinson used plants for medicine, grew them in his famous garden in Covent Garden, then on the outskirts of London, and wrote two famous books about his work which are still admired nearly 400 years later.  Anna explored his lilfe story, to find a tale of success and endurance at odds with the exceptionally turbulent political change of his day.  Devoted to his plants, he survived religious persecution, civil war, the execution of the King he served, Charles I, and the complete collapse of the society he worked so hard to build. But his work laid the foundations of a scientific revolution after his death.