I’ve been trying to hibernate but life keeps getting in the way

Where would we be without the restless spring?

I’ve been trying to hibernate but life keeps getting in the way

I’m in writing mode again. This would be fine. It’s what I do after all. I’m a healer AND a writer. The problem is that once I begin I don’t want to stop – like being interrupted in the middle of a really good movie, it is unsettling.
I use stories to spell things out for me, crystallize the vague rumblings at the back of my mind so that I can see what I know to be true and start to use it as a tool. Because life doesn’t start with certainties. We don’t progress with certainties either. But once we turn our uncertain past into something we can understand, then we have a tool with which to tackle the uncertainties of the present. The more we reflect on what we have experienced and learned, the more of the these tools we accumulate.
Strangely these tools turn out to be effective ways of creating desirable pathways for ourselves, but also for others. But if I’ve shut the door on everyone while I figure things out, how is that going to help?
So I remind myself that spring happens. Each thing you do has a time and place that harmonises with everything else around you. Roll with the season and let it be part of the thing you want to do. When life gets in the way, that’s what it’s meant to do.

Nothing is more important than the present moment, and if that moment is your mother on the phone needing a doctor, an old friend dying, or even doing the grocery shopping, this moment is meant to be.
Enjoy your momentary spring.

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