Targeted meditations are powerful tools for solving problems in your life. They can deliver new insights to your conscious mind and free your imagination to create new, better realities. Try these and notice the results for yourself.

Earth Healing Meditation

mount tara
Prepare for this meditation by listening to the introduction:

Old Wounds Meditation

A profound method of meditation that goes to heart of old emotional patterns. Practice of this meditation can reorder your view of reality and allow you to make new choices so that you experience a new reality.

As above so below

As above so below

Root Chakra meditation

The root chakra is the most fundamental chakra of life. It is shaped from our earliest moments through our connection with our mother and it can determine our level of energy in our present lives, our level of anxiety and our relationship with things that relate to our security: money, work and home. Repeated use of this powerful meditation can unlock deep seated patterns that have blocked  your joy of life:

Before you undertake this powerful meditation, listen to the introduction .


Targeted meditations like these can free your imagination to solve problems in your life and create new, better realities. Try these and notice the results for yourself.

Your Beautiful Unconscious

Connect with your inner child

The seat of your unconscious self is in your sacral chakra, just below the navel. This is the seat of our childish memories, powerful but often buried and troubling enough to conflict with our conscious will. In a struggle between our conscious and unconscious desires, the unconscious will win. It benefits you to get to know this part of yourself well.

 Embracing your Power

Use this short seated meditation to boost your sense of power and freedom. Review the situations in which you formed your sense of who you are in relation to family, friends and workmates. What decisions have you made and how could you see them differently?

Earth Healing Meditation

This is a powerful short guided meditation that can help you deal with everything from short term physical pain to old abuses that still hurt you. It's short, effective and can be done anywhere and as often as you need it. try it once a day to build up your energy - more frequently to help you through a crisis of emotional or physical pain.

Fighting Fear Meditation

The demonic face of the Mahakala is actually a protective presence for fighting YOUR demons. If you confront fear it will melt away.