2018 Czech Retreat and Talks

May Retreat In Czech Republic 3rd – 8 May, 2018

An intensive course of Transformation workshops in a village near the beauitful city of Prague. There will be a chance to tour the city as well as immerse yourself in Czech culture while you escape from it all and work gently on yourself in a safe and nurturing environment. Discover tools to overcome anxiety, release your bad habits, boost your self confidence and make your romantic relationships satisfying. The workshops and accommodation are modestly priced and this is an excellent opportunity to give yourself the gift of time. For full details contact Anna or Dana Libova



Watch this space for an exciting programme of talks in and around London from May 2018 on the history and traditions of healing with plants.

Previous talks to many different audiences, from Alternatives and the College of Psychic Studies in London, to audiences in Vienna and Czech Republic, to local groups near my home in Kent include these:

Healing is Feeling. How your Body Talks to You
In this talk Anna explains how you can learn the way your body expresses your feelings which can make a profound difference to your health and happiness.


That Cabbage Knows what you’re Thinking,

New research shows that the idea that plants interact with human consciousness is no April fool. This idea, mocked by scientists in the past, is a deeply held tenet of ancient healing traditions. In this talk Anna shows some of the latest experiments that demonstrate how plants communicate and also explains simple and useful plant remedies that can be used by every household.


Connecting the Self to the Source

How you can discover and deepen a powerful intuition that sends real messages across any distance, and how you can receive inspiration and help from the same source.