Healing will help you on your way. A workshop gives you the tools for the journey!

BREATHE! 18th June, 2022 London, Violet Hill Studios

I like to think that all my workshops are unique and powerful, but this next one covers a lot of ground. In the space of a day you will travel easily from the mundane to the mystical, and safely return…..

In person workshop that shows you how you can uncover your deepest self using breath alone.We will learn the power of the Hawaiian Ha breath to uncover your personal path, learn regular practices from the traditions of India and China so you can target each one to your present need.

When the white missionaries arrived in Hawaii, the local shamen waited patiently to see what magic their connection with God would allow them to perform. When it became clear that they neither knew how to heal nor how to walk over hot lava coals barefoot, it was confirmed that there was something strange about these new arrivals. The Hawaiians called them ‘haoli’ : the breathless ones, because these white people didn’t know how to breathe.

We will learn what is happening in our breath and how we can use it to read our unconscious energy. Then we will see how we can work with it to build energy, increase focus and deepen intuition.

Breathing is so simple but so powerful. This workshop draws on techniques Anna has learned from China, India and Hawaii. These techniques alleviate physical symptoms, like digestive issues, vertigo and panic attacks. They also alleviate pain and rebuild your energy. In this online workshop we will also practise the Hawaiian use of breath to release emotional blocks. email for more information.

We will work in small groups ( no more than 12 )

ESSENTIAL HEALING ONLINE 2022 starts April 3rd 2022

This ONLINE COURSE runs once a month for 7 months. Classes will be recorded so later access will be possible but your personal participation in classes is important. Dates for 2022: Sunday 3rd April; Saturday 7th May; Saturday 11th June; Saturday 9th July; Saturday 11th August; Saturday 17th September; 29th October. Cost for each session £50

  • This course is for people interested in healing and self-healing tools.
  • The course will strengthen your confidence and understanding of any healing modality.
  • It is for people interested in working remotely – who are open to giving and receiving healing remotely. Healing can be practised when and where you wish.
  • This course will bring benefits to you in healing your own physical and emotional tensions as well as those of loved ones.

For full details and an application form email me:

“We’re just beginning to understand the power the mind has over the body, including its interaction with the immune system.” Neurologist Steven Laureys, New Scientist April 2021


“amazing experience”; “rich and inspiring”; “I learnt so much”; “as each month passes the course just gets better and better.”

some of the comments from 2021 participants

Medical professionals from all fields, from neurology to psychology and gastrology, increasingly recognise the inter-relationship of our thoughts and feelings with the physical functioning of our bodies. They are recognising the power of what traditional healers and ancient philosophers have called our ‘spirit’, the unique internal experience of living that each one of us carries.

I have been working with this inter-relationship to heal physical and emotional blocks since my own experience of a life-threatening brain tumour in 2002.  Since successfully overcoming the tumour through the use of healing techniques alone, I have reached deeper and deeper into the principles and practice of healing. I believe that we all have the capacity to heal and that anyone can be a healer, if so inclined. So I am excited to be passing on techniques I have learned in this unique in-person series of workshops..

This is a small group and the course requires commitment but delivers great personal benefits. The course will be held in London over 7 weekends.

Dates for 2022 / 23 are as follows:

August 27/28th; October 15/16th; November 12/13th; December 10/11th; February 4/5th, 2023; February 25/26th; concluding March 25/26th.

Investment for each weekend £150

For more details and an application form email

  • Workshop participants

    Wonderful workshop!
    Thank you for a very deep set of transformational workshops. They've opened my eyes about several issues and helped me back onto the right path.
  • Woman, 30

    'Once again, thank you so much, I think you are a wonderful healer and very professional practitioner.'
  • Woman, 43

    'Thank you so much for the wonderful healing work that you have done with me. It was truly wonderful. There has been much change and shifting of my energy and thinking. I am feeling much better.'
  • Woman, 52

    'I feel like myself, and everyone says I look like myself again. I've not been right for the last 18 months since my mother died, so it is a real joy to feel energetic and positive again.'
  • Woman, 35

    'It was one of the most profound experiences I've ever had... The healing was scarily accurate and insightful. Two days later I had the biggest verbal breakthrough of my life.'
  • Lomilomi and healing, woman, 29

    I feel a lot better about everything now, and much calmer.
  • Woman, 83

    'It's heaven, like being washed in a warm sea!'    
  • Client who had been suffering from M.E.

    Thank you so much for everything you have done for me this year. I have no doubt that you have made a very substantial contribution to restoring my health, and will always be in your debt for it. I am so grateful.
  • Sports Club manager, 45

    Thanks for the session last week ,I felt truly revitalized ,the conversation following was very interesting and it got me thinking and analyzing a few areas of my life.I appreciate your energy and input and will certainly get to see you again in the near future.