2014 a year of passage

2014 a year of passage

The year is ending in the UK. We are 3 weeks away from the shortest day and the shortest day seems so short! Maybe 6 hours of daylight. I miss the sun. I love the sun. But I remind myself to be grateful for the shelter I have, the great roof of my house, the love of my husband and family, the security of my study where I can sit and write and digest my thoughts…and instantly I feel the light shining within. I am warmer, brighter, inspired.
So it has been with the passage this year of so many extraordinary teachers. The fall and autumn of this year saw the death of B.K.S. Iyengar, the great yoga teacher who I have followed since my twenties, of Masaru Emoto, the Japanese businessman who was inspired to show the world the ‘shape’ of water, the chief element in our bodies, and the way it responds to our thought, and, for me personally the closest passage, the end Martin Brofman, who devised and taught the Body Mirror System of healing. I am sad to see them go, and I feel the loss, just as a child may feel with the loss of a parent, but I am so grateful that they have been here, that they lived and shared what they believed in.

All of these people had a profound impact on many lives, teaching the power of the invisible to effect and change what is tangible in our lives. I am deeply grateful for their work and continue to spread the message they spent their lives teaching so effectively. So intense has this sense of passage been that I feel we are entering a new era.

2015 will be a year where we have to dig deep to demonstrate what we truly believe. We will have to open ourselves to keep discovering more of the ineffable beauty and power of the invisible, like baby spiders discovering the range and intricacy of the mother’s web. We will have to implement our truth in our lives and wear it on our sleeves creating a society around us that finds its sense of direction in truth, gratitude, and the power of love. This is the way we can wear out the destructive power that the endless tide of commercialism has on the people and places that matter.


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